Repaving Your Walkways? Consider Patterned Pavers

When looking to pave walkways and other surfaces exposed to heavy foot traffic around the residence, homeowners tend to gravitate toward concrete or asphalt paving. Although these options are functional, they do not contribute much to the overall aesthetics of your property. If you would prefer something that is unique in design but still durable, you should consider patterned pavers. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider patterned pavers when paving the walkways on your property.

Patterned pavers provide you with flexibility in design

One of the biggest benefits of opting for patterned pavers for your walkways is the design flexibility that they come with. Firstly, you get a wide array of options to choose from when it comes to the overall layout of the patterned pavers. These options include hexagonal-shaped layouts, diamond-shaped layouts, herringbone layouts and much more.

Secondly, you get the choice to choose your patterned pavers from an assortment of colours, sizes, shapes and more. All these different elements work toward ensuring that you come up with a unique design for your individual residence. This also gives you the chances to create visual interest on your various walkways, rather than simply having plain slabs of concrete installed. Overall, the patterned pavers will enhance the curb appeal of your residence.

Patterned pavers are low maintenance and easy to repair

If you are looking for a convenient paving option that does not require labour intensive maintenance, then you should opt for patterned pavers. The individual pavers each have inherent strength that prevents them from chipping and cracking unnecessarily. This gives them an enhanced lifespan when compared to other paving materials in the market. In addition to their innate strength, each paver is designed with joints that enable it to slightly move in its position. This means that they are capable of handling heavy loads without breaking, as they will simply adjust to the load.

In the unfortunate event that you pavers actually chip or crack, repair and replacement is convenient. Instead of having to replace your entire paving, the pacers can be individually extracted and replaced. This not only makes the repair process short, but it also means decreased labour costs. The same cannot be said for other materials such as asphalt or concrete as damage to these types of paving spreads fast if not arrested as soon as it occurs. Overall, patterned pavers will provide you with a low maintenance paving option with reduced life-cycle costs over time.