Got An Asphalt Paved Surface? Make It Stand Out More With These Additions

Asphalt is a top paving option for most Australians. Its smooth finish, great waterproofing qualities and high durability make it the paving choice for many driveways, parking lots, school yards and roads. However, that aside, you can also improve the look of your paved surface by incorporating a few paving extras into your existing asphalt paving. Below, find out what these paving additions are and how they can help achieve aesthetic improvements for your paved surfaces.

Seal coating

Seal coating is a popular add-on in the asphalt paving business. Featuring a thick bitumen slurry layer, the seal coat is mostly sought after for the purposes of waterproofing paved surfaces and therefore contributing to their longevity. However, the seal coating process has another major advantage; it provides the paved asphalt surface with a dark black appearance that makes the paved area look 'new' for a long time to come. If you have a faded or ashy looking asphalt surface, a seal coating service can transform your paved areas instantly, making them look as though they have been installed afresh.

Line marking

Another service you can seek in an attempt to improve the look of your asphalt surface is line marking. Line marking services entail the application of paint to create permanent marks that help control movement of cars or people on the paved areas, e.g. showing disability parking spots or speed bumps. However, line marking services have aesthetic value too. The white lines cast a stark contrast to the dark asphalt, thereby making your paved areas looking darker and newer than they really are. A great way to incorporate this feature is to seek simple line marks such as borders and demarcation lines.


Last but not least, you can greatly make your asphalt surface stand out by seeking edging services. This entails installing edging materials along the edges of your paved areas. By default, edging is installed to hold the paved asphalt together in order to prevent chipping at the edges. However, just like with line marking, this service also improves the aesthetics of your surfaces by creating a pleasing contrast between the edging materials and the asphalt surface itself. Examples of great edging products that you can use to achieve this effect include concrete, stone, bricks, cobblestones, pavers and slate.

Of course, you can maximise the look of your asphalt surfaces by not just seeking one of the above additional services, but all three instead. The more, the better your paving is bound to look. Talk to a paving contractor and find out what options you have in respect to the above services.